​December 2019

Set Designer

Assistant Lighting Designer

Graphic Designer

  • Designed and produced the scenic elements, including concept art painting, virtual and real-life model building, scenic painting and construction

  • Assisted the Lighting Designer in plotting, colour palette design, and general organization

  • Devised the key features of promotional materials in cooperation with the Head of Marketing, and designed the logotype and the static promotional materials, including poster and flyer 

The Hours is a immersive dance piece inside a black box theatre, created by the MA CTPD cohort of Guildhall School of Music and Drama.


We intended to explore the theme of climate crisis, the decaying and pollution of the earth. In this piece, we went for a minimalistic set, in which the focal point is a circular platform, with black to white gradient painted on top to create a force-perception effect. The audience members were free to stand anywhere within the space bar the platform. All around the platform are various pieces of gauzes that hung in curved, soft, draping formation, mimicking clouds. Throughout the performance, as the narrative of the story went into the deterioration of the earth, the gauzes were lower down, restricting the audiences' view, giving the sense of the earth suffocating in fumes.

The MA Collaborative Theatre Production and Design 2020 Cohort includes Tom Boase, Maisie Chan, Emma Gabola, Sue In Kang, Jordan Lewis, Ava Merrell, Norah Paton, and Anne Wentworth.

​Photo Credit: Thomas Boase, Emma Gabola