The Raven, the Pigeon, and the Parakeet

​February 2020

Associate Production Designer

Graphic Designer


  • Worked in collaboration to design and produce the scenic elements and the puppets, including concept art, scenic painting and constructions

  • Devised the key features of promotional materials in cooperation with the Head of Marketing,  painted and edited the promotional image

  • Participated in live music performing as a percussionist

The Raven, the Pigeon, and the Parakeet is a thirty minutes suitcase puppet show for young children, created by the MA CTPD cohort of Guildhall School of Music and Drama in collaboration with Little Angel Theatre.


From the beginning of the process, we worked to create this piece which aimed to tell a story about finding family in foreign places, with as few spoken words as possible. We created the story through the eyes of three birds, each telling a short story of themselves, which were strung together through songs. Design-wise, we went for a children's book aesthetic, with  the overall colour scheme of each vignette becoming more and more vibrant, mirroring the starring birds in respective vignettes. For the puppets, we really liked the idea of an abstract, almost-geometric style, where the goal wasn't to create the real likeness, but the suggestions of the birds we all already recognize.

The MA Collaborative Theatre Production and Design 2020 Cohort includes Tom Boase, Maisie Chan, Emma Gabola, Sue In Kang, Jordan Lewis, Ava Merrell, Norah Paton, and Anne Wentworth.


​Photo Credit: Thomas Boase, Ava Merrell